stock check

2015 is coming to an end..  have been investing in equities (stocks , SRS, UT) since my uni days but only officially kept track of it in 2012… hence  these are my records so far…

2015 figures will be updated when the year ends, but as it stands now, my P/L from buying/selling have dropped significantly (-75%) and my Dividends received have increased (+43%)… however, in terms of total income earned, dropped by -14%. (my strategy is slowly shifting to dividend based portfolio, as i do not have time to monitor the markets due to frequent travels)

lets see if the next few weeks in the  run up to the end of 2015, i will be getting any more dividends, (though i seriously doubt so)

**% are YOY


  • P/L: 16,066 ( 74.69%)
  • Divd Rec: 9330.65 (67.71%)


  • P/L: 13,934  (-13.27%)
  • Divd Rec: 15,221  (63.13%)


  • P/L: 3,511 (-74.80%)
  • Divd Rec: 23,718 ( 55.82%)



2015 PL


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