Ho Bee Land: Another privatisation?

Ron Sim has been buying back OSIM for the longest time.. and yesterday revealed his intention.

HBL owner Chua TP has already 70+% … is he trying to privatise it?…

SC global’s Simon did it a couple years back, due to the property measures.



4 thoughts on “Ho Bee Land: Another privatisation?

  1. Went to Ho Bee’s AGM last year, the privatisation question was brought up and chairman reiterated “no intention” to privatise the company.

    Things might change this year?


    1. hi Boon,

      thanks for dropping by.

      things are pretty dynamic in the property sector. rules are always changing. just yesterday, URA increase the criteria for aspiring developers with limited track records to build/sell pte homes.

      change is the only constant. and strategy will change based on that.

      anyway, it is just my speculation. i could be wrong. i just brought it up because i saw similar trends with Ron Sim and Simon slowly increasing their stake.


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