childcare fees – why so ex?

I was reading the ST today, then saw this article about childcare fees. At first glance, the figures didn’t mean much too me, but upon looking at it again, i realised what was wrong (not technically wrong, per se, but just jolted me)

Just looking at the graph below, the MONTHLY childcare fee is $1000, average? i was like… what!!!! my mind quickly worked out $12k per year..(ok ok , i know this is not exactly rocket science, even a kid at this $1k childcare should be able to mental sum faster than me)

i don’t have kids, so maybe i am not aware of these kiddy costs. and, probably not the right person to judge….. but 12k a year? that’s half my NTU tuition fees, donkey years ago. i don’t know how many years kids go to childcare, but if he/she goes for 2 years, that’s like a local uni 4-year engineering tuition fees.

what happen to the blue uniform with white polka dot PAP childcare centers under the void deck? aren’t they suppose to be cheap and good?

maybe investing in a childcare center is not a bad idea? hmmmmm……………….



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