Bad day to be Uber/Grab

My 20 km drive which takes usually 20 min became 3 hours in the “Machet Kota” of SEA. Apparently it was in response to the entrants of Uber/Grab eating into the livelihood of the traditional cab drivers.

So what did they do?

Earlier this morning, the traditional cab drivers (bluebird/express/etc) went into the heart of the city, turn off their cars, and parked in the middle of the road, obviously causing a massive jam. it was gridlocked bumper to bumper.

I even saw one of the Grab/Go-jek biker (usually in green helmets or jackets) with passenger being pulled to kerbside by one of the traditional ojeks, and had his bike keys confiscated. The bewildered female passenger/pillion was prompted told to remove her green helmet  and get off the Grab/Go-jek bike.

I know Singapore will be introducing new regulations to level the playing field for our cab drivers against the Uber/cab. I can emphatise with our cab drivers but I hope that this situation doesn’t happen in Singapore.

Personally, I agree to the use of technology such as Uber/Grab to improve the quality of life,  especially the perennial problem of high demand / low supply of cab during peak hours. However, there must be a fair ground for all. If the pie is big enough for everyone, why not share? Commuters  and drivers ; everyone benefits…

driver’s attack on the protestors, who appear to be working for the same company as him – Blue Bird.


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