Privatisation, Mergers & Accquistions

Recently, we have seen/heard/felt plenty of privatisation M&A activities. There are a lot of buzz surrounding  quite a few companies. ie Sunningdale , Saizen, Tat Hong, Osim, etc just to name a few.

I came across a few tables from an OIR article  which I thought should share to readers below. It shows a pretty good summary of the various companies that MIGHT have corporate action in the near future, if not, by this year. (don’t take my word for it)

I have set aside a small percentage of my funds to be vested in some of these potential companies. These are so-called more on the “speculative” side, but of course , i will not be buying them blindly.

Those especially, related to the O&G industry have been beaten down, and has attractive valuations. Specifically looking for those with net cash, and may have been attempted before to be bought over or privatised, single entity with a majority stake, relatively sound fundamentals and management.

How about you guys….anyone looking to jump in? 



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