How to download free e-books from NLB

I recently found out that one can actually download free ebooks from National Library  Board (NLB). Hence I gave it a try on my android tablet. My intention is that i can always read this when on the train, plane, or waiting for a friend…

the instructions are listed at the end of this post. I admit, its kinda bit iffy. the process is not very streamline, as you need to both download and sign up two different accounts with Overdrive and NLB. Takes about 20 min, depending on your internet time.

After all the sign up and buggering around with the app, i realised you can also “borrow” books from other international libraries around the world. (didn’t try this, but if anyone did, please let me know if it works)

I dived straight into our own NLB and downloaded two books for my upcoming trip, so i can read it on the plane. I noticed there is also a 21day time limit. Not sure what happens after the 21 days though. automatically gets deleted? hmm…

Obviously, the list of books are not as extensive as physical books, but there are still pretty decent titles around. you can also out an alert of ebooks that are yet to be out,  so they will send you a reminder that you can download it, when it actually becomes available.


NLB has collaboration with several eBook vendors to provide eBooks to library members. One of them is OverDrive, a popular eBook vendor. To access their collection, please follow these steps:
– Go to
– Select [Research] > [All Resources]
– On upper left, login to your myLibrary account, which is required to access e-resources
– On left, scroll to [Browse] and select [eBooks]
– Scroll down and select [OverDrive : a digital media collection]
– Search for a title of your choice
– On the book cover, click on [Borrow]
– Go to your [Account] > [Checkouts]
– Click on either [Download], if you are downloading the title to a computer, or [Add to App] if you are downloading to a mobile device.

Before proceeding to download your borrowed eBooks, please refer to the below link for guide on setting up your computer/mobile device to download eBooks.


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