Wake me up, when September ends..

Feels like it is  going to be a quiet September, at least for me, since i will be travelling overseas for work tomorrow

So what did i do over the long weekend?… went online shopping for a couple of HDD for my Synology NAS from the comfort of my home.  Now i totally understand how our shopaholic counterparts feel;  Don’t need to change out of PJs, don’t need to brush your teeth, sipping coffee while browsing online.. no crowds, no worry of rain (biker’s nightmare) etc ..

this time i tried Lazada (via shopback => *referral link alert*) … and surprisingly, it is much better platform than Qoo10. the sellers are more reputable, and shipping is so much faster (some of them offer free shipping too) than the latter. There was a $30 voucher over the long weekend + shopback  1% + amex 3%.

Then i suddenly thought of marvelous idea (ok, maybe not so marvelous, perhaps alot of people are doing it already? i was just slow to the party)

I used my primary email account to refer myself to the secondary  to signup a new shopback account. Hence, second purchase = $30 voucher + shopback $5 (first timer) + shopback 2% (first timer) + amex 3%

i was so proud of myself.. i think i save about easily ~$80  in total.

the only bugbear about shopback is that it needs 75days for the rebate to be credited to your account and thereafter, you need a min of $10 to cash out. Oh well, money saved is still better than none.


hmm, what else, did i do?…

  • send out the CDP letter for Croesus DRP
  • apply for the Soilbuild PO. Forgotten my pin, as rarely use OCBC so had to visit the nearest branch (Dear soilbuild managers, if you are reading this, can you please also include POSB/DBS atm? first time i come across scrip that only has OCBC & UOB atm?!)
  • Sold 19k USDSGD.
  • bought Ringgit (finally cross the psychological 3 mark again)


last but not least, i shall leave you with the song from Greenday, which is also the title of the of the post.  (you can go straight to 1:48, if you don’t want to hear the sappy part)

.…Make Love, not War…


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