vezted; a simple corporate news aggregator

I came across this website (through Derek’s and thought it was worth a mention.

Have you always wondered when is the CD, X’D or some particular announcement, for a particular coy, and then have to go SGX website , click this, click that….

I was playing around with this website for a week… and initially, i didn’t have much expectations about it. but the more i used  it, the more useful I found it to be. For a start, if you want to know when a particular coy is going to pay your dividends. It will show you the payable date, as well as the DPS. (and the CD and X’D dates too.) see screenshot below

you can choose which coys to “follow”. just do a quick search using the name, and “follow” to have it on the RHS shortlist. Thereafter, the respective coy’s events are organised in a chronological order. Thought it was a pretty cool feature. As an engineer, I tend to prefer things to be in a certain order, like in a gantt chart type of deal =)

To some, maybe its too simple but I totally dig the clean interface and the ease of use. There is really not much too it, actually, other than the fact that all your vezted (pun intended) coys and those on your shortlist, can be viewed in one clear screen. I know some may find websites that allow you to track your portfolio more useful, but I believe most of us already do it, with a personalized excel sheet or some sort. I view vezted as more of a complementary tool to what you currently have.

Personally, there is only one bugbear; when you start adding more companies to follow, the news tends to load a tad slower. (maybe its my internet connection? since i am overseas.)

Not sure who the owner(s) of this website is, but keep on the good work. !!

PS:. no vezted interest in this website. just a goodie to share to everyone.



Privatisation, Mergers & Accquistions

Recently, we have seen/heard/felt plenty of privatisation M&A activities. There are a lot of buzz surrounding  quite a few companies. ie Sunningdale , Saizen, Tat Hong, Osim, etc just to name a few.

I came across a few tables from an OIR article  which I thought should share to readers below. It shows a pretty good summary of the various companies that MIGHT have corporate action in the near future, if not, by this year. (don’t take my word for it)

I have set aside a small percentage of my funds to be vested in some of these potential companies. These are so-called more on the “speculative” side, but of course , i will not be buying them blindly.

Those especially, related to the O&G industry have been beaten down, and has attractive valuations. Specifically looking for those with net cash, and may have been attempted before to be bought over or privatised, single entity with a majority stake, relatively sound fundamentals and management.

How about you guys….anyone looking to jump in? 


OSIM: Privatision error

For those holding OSIM, you must be happy that the final price increase by $0.02 to $1.37.However, there is story behind this.

What makes the entire saga so interesting (and hilarious) is that the firm doing the privatisation, bought the shares from the open market than the original offer price of $1.37.  SIC stepped in and ordered OSIM to offer $0.02 more.  How much more does this cost? a whopping $4.7m !

Basically, OSIM scored own goal. who would have thought such an execution error could have occurred by a professional firm. I can imagine some of those involved will have their commission cut. haha.

This only goes to show that even the best can make mistakes. One can do tonnes of research and fancy excel, but if your execution is sub par, then you will end up like OSIM.

See original article from ST below.




SIA is heading in the right direction. Initially, they hedged their fuel prices when oil was in the $100+s… with oil price at the doldrums now, i believe SIA will stand to benefit even more. They have a strong management team, plus they are increasing their cabin crew headcount.

they have a large number of new orders coming in the near future,  including new non-stop routes to USA (which i personally miss. Ever since they stopped the SIN>NY years ago).

Right now, the price has run up quite a bit. but i am looking to add more, when i have

  • currently vested in SIA.


stock check

2015 is coming to an end..  have been investing in equities (stocks , SRS, UT) since my uni days but only officially kept track of it in 2012… hence  these are my records so far…

2015 figures will be updated when the year ends, but as it stands now, my P/L from buying/selling have dropped significantly (-75%) and my Dividends received have increased (+43%)… however, in terms of total income earned, dropped by -14%. (my strategy is slowly shifting to dividend based portfolio, as i do not have time to monitor the markets due to frequent travels)

lets see if the next few weeks in the  run up to the end of 2015, i will be getting any more dividends, (though i seriously doubt so)

**% are YOY


  • P/L: 16,066 ( 74.69%)
  • Divd Rec: 9330.65 (67.71%)


  • P/L: 13,934  (-13.27%)
  • Divd Rec: 15,221  (63.13%)


  • P/L: 3,511 (-74.80%)
  • Divd Rec: 23,718 ( 55.82%)



2015 PL