Dec review

Peering thru my window and just thinking to myself, wow, another year flew past. it had been pretty challenging and eventful for me and my industry. Thank God that everything work out relatively well, compared to many others; and at the same time, reminding myself to be thankful for every blessings, no matter how small it may be.

decided to do the review of 2016, and as i tally up the dividends for 2016, i was pleasantly surprised that it was more than the previous year, since most of the counters that i held seems to have cut their payout. it didnt increase by alot (+15%) compared to the previous year , but hey, when the outcome was not expected. it is kinda of a bonus. i did increase my purchase, but not significantly, due to limited warchest  allocated to  other commitments.

  • 2015: $23,718
  • 2016: $27,466 (15.80%)

how did the rest of you guys do for 2016?



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