Dec review

Peering thru my window and just thinking to myself, wow, another year flew past. it had been pretty challenging and eventful for me and my industry. Thank God that everything work out relatively well, compared to many others; and at the same time, reminding myself to be thankful for every blessings, no matter how small it may be.

decided to do the review of 2016, and as i tally up the dividends for 2016, i was pleasantly surprised that it was more than the previous year, since most of the counters that i held seems to have cut their payout. it didnt increase by alot (+15%) compared to the previous year , but hey, when the outcome was not expected. it is kinda of a bonus. i did increase my purchase, but not significantly, due to limited warchest  allocated to  other commitments.

  • 2015: $23,718
  • 2016: $27,466 (15.80%)

how did the rest of you guys do for 2016?



August updates

wow, just realised what i long time i haven’t actually blogged.  past few months have been quite trying; job wise not so smooth sailing due to the current weakness in oil price, hence  jobs have been far and few. (in fact, only once to the Middle East, but that didn’t turn out too well either) Hope things get better in the 4Q. Otherwise, income will be taking a pretty big hit for 2016

So let me see, what have i been doing for the past few months?

  1. tidied up up excel portfolio, currently trying to streamline. excel sheet is getting too messy.
  2. still contemplating if I should move my shares from CDP to SCB? (basically, to take advantage of the 0.18% comms. but the sucky thing is there is a 10.70 per counter for transferring in. still in discussion if can get SCB to waive that bloody charge)
  3.  divestment on my counters that ran up
  4. divested some CPFIS UT that i bought during my early working years
  5. took up rights issue
  6. bought some bonds
  7. due to restricted cashflow, could not invest in more counters than i wanted
  8. read up on couple of  books while at work/travel/nua-ing
  9. renewed my term life policy
  10. set up a tiny family portfolio, with contributions from interested family member
  11. identified a few potential 3 or 4-rm HDB resale


since it was my birthday month;

  1. treated myself to a Synology NAS.
  2. transferred $24,000 from OA to SA (in anticipation for my 55th birthday when i retire)


Dividends YTD: $18,088( cash+SRS)                                                                                                    not too shabby, but also nothing to shout about either. unlikely to have much improvement from last year, since most of the companies i am vested in have cut their dividend payout. still a long way from my immediate target of $36,000 p.a.

Total (stocks): $423,599.38
portfolio is in the red due to the O&G counters i am vested in

Total (CPF+SRS): $253,846.53
growing slowly but surely.


last but not least, thanks for Rolf  for your kind advice =)




stock check

2015 is coming to an end..  have been investing in equities (stocks , SRS, UT) since my uni days but only officially kept track of it in 2012… hence  these are my records so far…

2015 figures will be updated when the year ends, but as it stands now, my P/L from buying/selling have dropped significantly (-75%) and my Dividends received have increased (+43%)… however, in terms of total income earned, dropped by -14%. (my strategy is slowly shifting to dividend based portfolio, as i do not have time to monitor the markets due to frequent travels)

lets see if the next few weeks in the  run up to the end of 2015, i will be getting any more dividends, (though i seriously doubt so)

**% are YOY


  • P/L: 16,066 ( 74.69%)
  • Divd Rec: 9330.65 (67.71%)


  • P/L: 13,934  (-13.27%)
  • Divd Rec: 15,221  (63.13%)


  • P/L: 3,511 (-74.80%)
  • Divd Rec: 23,718 ( 55.82%)



2015 PL